Easy Way to Make Good Mask


Do it by yourself no doubt it’s given you satisfaction and better results also. Ready to use products of any kind has side effects on your skin. Here we are going to telling you about a precious mask that you can made it by yourself at home by using simple ingredients.

It will be a fun for you. You can add some more things to enhance its results. Let’s start with a popular fruit that likes by everyone. Yes this is banana. Banana has magical effects on your skin.

Take ½ cup of yogurt
Two table spoon honey
One medium size banana
Mash the banana with the help of fork even its turn into a smooth paste. Add yogurt and honey. Mix them well.

How to apply
Spread the paste on your face and neck. Leave it for ten to twenty minutes. Than wash your covered area with cold water.

It’s a good facial mask that provides moisture to your skin.

A miraculous mask for quick results
If you have deficiency of time to go to a party and you want to look lady of evening you should apply this mask. you can easily prepare and apply this mask This homemade mask.

One medium size egg
Juice of a lemon
A tea spoon honey
Take a bowl break the egg and pour in the bowl. Beat it, then add honey and lemon juice and mix them well.

How to apply
You can use this mask in three different ways for different type of skin.

For oily skin
Take the egg white and beat it add lemon and honey and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it until dry then wash with cold water.

For dry skin
Take apart the egg yolk and apply same as above method

For normal skin
This type of skin has good qualities. You can apply whole egg on your skin with same method and get high-quality results.


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