Food and Water Contain illness


The question is how the food and water contain illness? It is because of the bacteria which are in that food we eat or water which we drink and it is the reason for getting ill. Most of the people get sick because they eat such food which is full of bacteria and virus. This bacteria and virus is known as food poisoning. There are some infections which occurred due to eating poisonous food or drinking the virus water. Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, stomach gripping, dehydration, flatulence etc these types of Infections are caused by eating or drinking the food or water which has virus and bacteria.

The bacteria which is in the food and water which cause thee infections and food poison is very harmful. The food and water contain illness decrease the energy level of the patient and they become very weak and lazy. It happens when the food is having contaminated bacteria. Contaminated bacteria appear or occurred when it is grown or the food is cooked in the kitchen and harvested. The symptoms of these infections started appearing in few hours or may be in a day after eating the bacterial water. Sometimes it is a minor infection or sometimes it become serious it all depends on the volume of bacteria in that supplement.

The illness contained from food and water never happen if the food is properly cooked and in a clean kitchen and also stored properly in a clean and right place will never have contaminated bacteria. If you want to protect yourself and your family from these infections then you should keep in mind few things. There are few tips for getting away from these infections are always cook food in a clean place and kitchen, use clean dishes and ingredients for cooking, put your food for storing in a room temperature first then put it in the refrigerator. By using these tips the food and water will never contain illness.


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