Get Easy Hair Styles for long hair and Look Beautiful


People love to have long hair and some of them do a lot of efforts to get long hair. There are different reasons with people to have long hair. Long hair really looks beautiful and when you make such lovely hair styles There are different easy hairstyles for long hair that is easy to make in a small time period.

Make a side Braid
These days the fashion of having side braids is very in. When you go to any evening party, you can also style your hair with this simple and easy style. If you are a professional a passionate women so this side braid style is the best option for you. The preparation takes only 5 minutes.

How to prepare

  • Brush your hair properly and make sure all the edges are completely settled.
  • Take all the hair on behind your ear and it is up to you whether you want the braid on left or right side of your face.
  • Make a braid of all the hair and if you want the loose so leave your hand a bit soft and if you want to have the tight braid you can make it by pulling the hair tightly.

Milk Maiden
This hair style is best for long hair and it is very easy to make it. This is one of the best hairstyle for evening parties, dinners or any special occasions. This is also known as the delicate hair style and people can easily make it in less than 5 minutes.

How to Prepare

  • First comb all your hair.
  • Blow dry them completely.
  • Brush then evenly from all the sides and collect all the hair for making a braid.
  • Make a braid on the back centre of your head and tie the braid by using a rubber band.
  • Then bring the braid on the top from the ears side and role it from the upper side of your head and bring it on the other side of the head.
  • Make sure the braid cover all your head and ends under the ears.
  • Pin the braid where it is finished and make sure the roll is even from all the sides


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