Laptops and Your Health


Nowadays, everyone have a laptop. Many processors are invented and forgot the Desktop PCs. A portable system from which you can gain very much. But, in return only some of the users know that what they get. A small inch system, you can use it anywhere. During travel as well. So much looks but less advantages when we talk about health. New thing is every kid of this era knows that how to use laptops. They just simply opens and there it is, a fine bright screen, a luxurious thing they got. Use it whenver you feel like, if your sitting on a sofa you can use it, if you laying down the bed you can use, if you are travelling, use it. I mean so easily for the youngsters to use it. Already our generation is weak and lazy. They aren’t the kids like them who used to go to the heavy PCs turn it on and wait for half a dozen minutes and then they can use it but in an uncomfortable manner. Introducing a laptop was really very unique, but every special thing has a disadvantage.

Laptops, which are use on the laps ( the opposite side of your thighs ) without any good conductor of heat. They just tolerate the heat coming out from laptop and continue their works without any patience. Most of the people just turn on there laptops and place it on their laps and start working. This not the way. It is really very dangerous for your health as well as for your laptop. Your laps gets red of you constantly do this act. A infection was came out which is because of the laptops. A infection from which your laps till leg, becomes red and swelled, and a type of irritation you feel. Secondly, a blessing from Allah to us. Our eyes, everyone now use the spectacles. Why ? Because of the near screens of laptops. They just concentrate on the screens from which eye’s pupil damages and then a blur view is there. But how that infection comes to us ? Simple, a healthy logic. You place your laptops on your laps, fan of a laptops expels the heat and that heat is an electric heat. So, that heat then affects on human’s lap, because laptop is always place on the top of your legs, means on your laps, so the heat straightaway hits on the laps from which this infection grows. Okay, so why our laptops are in danger ? Again a simple logic of mechanism. When our laptops releases heat, in return they also need an object from which the heat can be absorb. We place on our laps and human body is not a good conductor of heat. So, the laptop’s power gets low and soon it becomes a waste, and everytime it is because laptop’s fan can’t work. Eyes damage is really very common cause. So need to explain that. So this is the biggest disadvantages and it is really very weird type of disadvantages. I also know the luxury of laptop, infact I wrote this article on a laptop. But, the placing of laptop and the eye contact is really very important.

Under the laptops, you always place a good conductor of heat, i.e: Plastic or Wood etc. When it expel heat so good conductors of heat, absorbs it from which a system gets good, and your laptops always be in a cool condition. In markets there are different type of laptop tables created, which is made up of plastic. So, with one bow two preys. Meaning to say by using good conductor of heat under the laptop, your laptops are also safe and human body are also on a safe side. When we talk about eye’s treatment so after 5 minutes of using laptop, try to look up down so that the eyes can rest. Like, you are using laptop, 5 minutes passed. Then, you distract yourself and look here and there so that a view changes and eye gets rest.So, these were the facts I shared with you which really very helpful for you.


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