New Tips To Cook Tasty Food


Tasty food is yummy food that is loved by all. The quality of perfect food is that, it should be tasty. Here are some tips and tricks to cook tasty food:

  1. If you want to keep vegetable green than add a pinch of sugar while coking any green leaf vegetable it will keep the color of vegetable green and bright. There is another way to keep the vegetable green by putting them in ice cold water after blanching them.
  2. If you want thickness in any soup and syrup add corn is one of the best thickening agent used for food. Make sure to add corn flour in good water to avoid lumps.
  3. If you want to boil pasta in less time than use light weighted pot for will boil the pasta faster and save time , it will preventing the pasta from clumping at the bottom of the pot.
  4. To avoid sticky rice, give time to rice and soak it at least ten minutes before cooking. Add oil in rice to get separate grain.
  5. If you like baking than use right scale for it. For baking cake or pizza use accurate scale.
  6. Use herbs and spices power for the good taste of food. Herbs and spice are the essential part of food it gives taste to the food without adding too much salt and sugar. It gives nice aroma to food and makes it bright to look good.
  7. To add a good taste to salad dressing, add lemon in it. It will make salad tasty. If you want to keep the vegetable green wrap it in paper towel it will keep vegetables green and bright. Wash vegetables than wrap it in paper towel.
  8. If you want golden brown color of onion than add little milk while frying it will also prevent them from burning.
  9. When fried vegetable have extra oil the best tip is, sprinkle a little amount of gram flour. Gram flour absorbs the excess oil and makes the vegetable tastier.
  10. If you are feeling hungry and time is too short than do not worry you can cook pulses in short time. Add oil and turmeric powder before placing it in cooker. It can be done in 10 minutes. It happens when you forgot to soak pulses at night than just put the pulses in a flask full of boiling water for an hour. They are ready for cooking.
  11. If you are making potato cutlets than while boiling potatoes add salt as potatoes absorb salt better this way.
  12. For fluffy omelet heat a nonstick pan than heat it and add butter in it. Beat it well.
  13. If you want instant lemonade than add lemon juice along sugar and salt in to ice trays. It will give you with instant lemonade when require.
  14. It happens when meat and vegetables are over cooked than add cold water.
  15. Curry is loved by all .when it turns oily than the simple tip for this to take bread slice than powder it and add in to curry it will absorb oil and spice.


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