Short Hairstyles for Women


Since few years the short haircuts are into fashion. Different styles and cuts make your face look more attractive and graceful. Hairstyles changes the looks and adds grace into your personality. Women with short hairstyles are very much into fashion. There are glamorous short hairstyles for women are mentioned as under.
The Scarlett
This stylish haircut is short and the length is left on the top only in the fingers area. This will suits with the wide face and will add attractive look to the hair style. Lets see how to style it.
·       Blow dry your hair with a round brush.
·       By using a comb tease a crown area.
·       Set the hair and style it with a hairspray.
The Alexandra
This is a asymmetric and short haircut. Geometric lines are featured that really gives an attraction to your face. Lets see how to style this haircut. This hairstyle is mostly for those ladies who are working women and usually at work. This hair style suits the oval face shape the hair color is medium
·       By using the styling brush you can smoothly blow dry the hair.
·       To further smooth your hair flat iron sections of the hair.
·       Just apply a shine serum to the hair.
The Abigail
This haircut is very inn these days. It gives a short cut from the back and long cut from the front to give the beautiful look and frame to the face. This is styled with soft waves and gives a good texture to the face.
·       Blow dry the hair by using the styling brush .
·       To add detail in the style use a flat iron.
Face having oval shape will be perfect for this haircut. The medium hair color and the low medium will also add the style to the cut.


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